Business Dashboards

We work with companies to build bespoke business dashboards that display business performance in real-time. Part of this process is automating the data collection process, and as this data builds up, you will have the ability to compare current company performance against historic performance and to identify trends.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Lord Kelvin

Selecting the data sources

Before a dashboard can be built, we need to know where the date is going to come from. We can collect the data from your systems and 3rd party suppliers of data, including:

  • Company CRM systems
  • Customer support ticketing systems
  • Payment platforms
  • Telephone systems
  • Marketing platforms
  • Inventory management systems
  • Equipment such as scanners, EPOS and machinery
Data warehouse for building a bespoke business dashboard

Data Warehousing

The starting point for building a business dashboard is to get the foundations right and build a data warehouse. This warehouse will store all of your company data from all available sources. From the point this data begins to be collected, it will be possible to compare your current company performance against past company performance.

Once we have the data in the data warehouse, creating any type of report in the future should be straightforward and easy. The report building is a collaborative process with the client, with the starting point being a number of prototypes.