What makes a good software developer?

At n-Coders we are always looking for top quality software developers to complement our existing team.

So what makes a good software developer?

Creative problem solving

People that take pride in their work are more likely to get the buzz of satisfaction when they solve a challenging problem, perhaps creatively thinking outside the box to find an elegant solution. A benefit is that an efficient piece of functionality can be reused between products to make them all consistent and benefit from the improvements.

Attention to detail

A good software developer will carefully consider the details as well as the big picture. The ability to forsee problems that might occur in the future or spot issues early on results in less back-tracking to correct these issues and improved quality. This quality will show through from seamless deployment of the application through to the user experience. With a proven software development process in place, developers can work more efficiently and have confidence that their code is robust and reliable.


Having the ability to quickly learn new systems and switch between languages is very valuable for companies who may have many simultaneous projects in development at any time (we especially like the Yii framework, and PHP, C#, and Javascript langauges). Each day may bring new opportunities to learn!

Communication skills

Where there are close relationships with clients, a good software developer needs strong written and verbal communication skills. These can bring huge benefits to both the career development of the developer and the quality of the software they produce. Communication skills also aid in knowledge transfer, building the overall skill level of the team.

Software developers at n-Coders get the chance to be involved with the client during the entire lifecycle of a project, from requirements definition to deployment, and this improves understanding of the business needs of the client.

Are you a good developer?

Software development is creative and logical; to some it is an art, to some it’s engineering! A good software developer balances these two aspects; the engineering process and the discipline to follow it is essential to produce quality software on a timescale, as well as the creativity to solve problems and adapt to different languages and projects easily.

If you consider yourself a good developer, why not join n-Coders and have the opportunity to work on a wide range of bespoke software applications? For more information, call: 01209 705160.