The War Room

In 2016, n-Coders will be running simulated attacks and disasters for customers who have support contracts with us. There is no need to worry: we won’t be doing this on your live servers, and we are only doing it to measure our response times and the time taken to rebuild your systems. 
To keep things fair, we will have no way of knowing when this will happen, and the start of this event will be completely random. It could happen at 2am on a Sunday morning, or 5pm on a Friday afternoon. The only “known” is that the random event generator will be configured so that it happens for each of our customers around once a year. When triggered, both the customer and n-Coders will receive an email informing them of a randomly generated disaster, which could be:

  • A complete server failure
  • A Cryptolocker style attack, where the hard disk has been encrypted by a hacker
  • An ex-employee deliberately locking out everyone from the server
  • A Rootkit is found on serverDuring the training / test event we will keep you updated as we would during a real disaster, and afterwards we will provide you will a summary report informing you of how long it took us to recover your systems. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any sleep over this and we will only update you during business hours.

There will be no charge for this service to our server support customers.

Thank you for your continued business.