Here at n-Coders we take on a unique range of projects for our clients, from business web application development to embedded software for custom hardware. One such project is the Cardiowall, a fitness tool designed by our client at Rugged Interactive that provides interactive gym equipment for schools and gyms.

Ever since I joined n-Coders in January, my time has been spent dedicated to getting familiar with the project and the development of its latest software (which has featured on Dutch TVs Ziggo Sport Formulae 1!) 

The game shown in the video above is known as “Clustershot”, a gamemode where small clusters of pods light up from green to yellow and to red, scoring 3-1 points respectively. When all the current pods have been hit a new wave of pods will light up, allowing faster players to score more points more quickly.

So what makes this project possible? The Cardiowall is comprised of two parts, a custom hub board with a PIC microcontroller and a Raspberry Pi 3; n-Coders develops the software used on the Raspberry Pi 3 whilst working with a third party developer that maintains the PIC code.

The software running on the Raspberry Pi is developed by n-Coders using a local web server (using kiosk mode in an auto-loading browser) while the custom hub is responsible for control of the hardware used in Cardiowall.


Upon receiving data from the custom hub, the Raspberry Pi processes the received message and determines how to present the information on the User Interface. The User Interface is written in PHP and Javascript and makes use of the Laravel framework.

A challenging critical requirement for this system is to ensure the responsiveness of the User Interface during games. With Cardiowall aimed at gyms and fitness studios the end users can range from children to elite athletes It is therefore essential that there is no perceivable lag in what is displayed (even by formula one drivers who can notice delays of 20 milliseconds).

We are looking forward to working with Rugged far into the future and using our expertise with data management and servers to allow the networking of the fitness equipment to allow people to compete in different locations, and to work on the integration of wearables with the gym equipment.